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The boombox is a staple in the urban lifestyle, but it's design had become stale which caused it to fall out of favor. We're showcasing a new design which could change that.

Brand, Photography

Dao, an oriental lifestyle brand inspired by traditional Chinese herbology. The brand adopts the learning on creating body’s balance in our cyclical lives.

Architecture, Brand

Branding, strategy, stationary, amenities and website designs for Page Hotels, a brand new boutique hotel located in Hong Kong and London.


"The colorful campaign takes inspiration from the eclectic culture and collective spirit of the Philippines and Southeast Asia"


Fresh marketing campaigns are a dime-a-dozen, but a marketing campaign that begs you to look and puts a smile on your face, now that's unique!


We are thrilled to share our new reel with you all! Special thanks to all of our talented friends.

Product Design

CADEX boost saddle, World's first integrated full carbon fiber racing saddle. collaborates with world-class bike racing team (CCC team).


So Good provides citizens with a freehand space, allowing them to find a place to slow down in the busy city and enjoy a moment in comfort.


Mining safety has come a long way in the past 20 years and this exhibit was designed to showcase those improvements.

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Founded in 1972, HK designers continues to nurture socially responsible talents that contribute for the collective good of creative industry.

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Connecting Designers With Opportunity


We work with some of the best graphic design artists in the world and we're confident that whatever your needs are, we can link you with a compatible designer who will do a great job.


We never underestimate the importance of an amazing UI-UX experience for your clients or customers. Simplicity mixed with innovative design is what we try to embrace with our UI-UX designers.


Digital Media is a discipline which requires a razor sharp focus. If your company needs to find a talented digital media artist, please reach out and we'll send you a variety of portfolios from our artists.

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A company needs a visual identity to survive online. If you want to stop someone from scrolling past your content, you have to be unique and eye-catching. We have the artists and designers to help you get the attention you deserve.

Feedback from our clients.

Steve & his team at HK Designers were incredible partners at a critical time for our company. Day in & day out, they were there for us every step of the way delivering results for us & our high profile corporate partner.

- Kelly Wong Security Partners LLC

I've used HK Designers for many projects in the past and they always match me up with a great artist or designer. I really appreciate their commitment to artists and clients. I plan to continue collaborating with them on my larger projects in the future.

- Brandon Cirello Fishtank Inc | Google IO

I used to struggle finding the right talent for my projects, but HK Designers has made my job way easier. Trying to hire somebody off the street was a disaster and most agencies didn't work out for us. I love HK Designers!

- Marcus Kwick Early Light | Interior Design